Humans of ML/AI

Humans of ML/AI is a Twitter account curated by ML/AI developers for the public.

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Welcome to Humans of ML/AI!

@HumansofML is a Twitter account created by Jordan Harrod that features weekly curation by AI/ML developers and researchers from industry, academia, policy, and beyond! Our goal is to engage the public on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by highlighting the people behind the algorithms.

Do you want to volunteer your time to curate the account for a week? Fill out our curation sign up form here!

The account manager, Jordan Harrod, can be found on Twitter as @jordanbharrod, and can be reached via email at jordan.b.harrod at gmail dot com. Account guidelines can be found here.

Current Curation Schedule:

The account is currently on hiatus indefinitely due to a lack of interested curators. If you’d like to curate the account or are interested in helping to restart this effort, please contact @jordanbharrod.

Past Curators (w/ Twitter moments)

June 17-23: Jordan Harrod, @jordanbharrod - Admim/Creator of @HumandofML. Twitter Moment

July 1-7: Kevin Yang @YangKevinK is currently a machine-learning scientist at Flagship VL56, where he develops machine-learning methods for proteins and other biological sequences. Twitter Moment

July 29-Aug 4: Santosh Gupta (@SantoshStyles) - NLP on scientific texts, for summarization, recommendation, and information retrieval. Twitter Moment

Sep 16-22: Laura Hanu (@HanuLaura) - In the last 2 years, I have worked as a Data Scientist at Visulytix, an AI start-up, working on developing deep learning models, from segmentation & object detection to GANs, for ophthalmic images. Twitter Moment